When business coaching really pays off

Meet the client

Our client – let’s call him Bob – is a concrete drilling and cutting contractor for the construction industry. He owns the business and has one employee. Bob and Co.’s turnover comes mostly from construction companies he has an existing relationship with. He’s a good bloke, Bob, and gets so much repeat business and word-of-mouth referrals that he’s never bothered about getting a website. He’s never conducted any formal marketing whatsoever.

Why he came to us

So Bob was pretty happy with the way things were, but there was one thing bothering him: a business goal he wanted to achieve. Like many small contractors, Bob’s business has one ‘major’ client (where most of the work comes from). They had a fantastic relationship, but Bob knew this client worked with other contractors too. He had his heart set on winning all of their concrete cutting and drilling business – not just some of it. Not usually one to ‘sell’ his business, Bob wasn’t sure how to go about this.

What we did for him

After Bob filled us in on what he wanted, we knew instinctively what he needed to do. We put our heads together and came up with a three-point strategy:

  1. He needed a compelling story to convince the client to award him all of the business. We knew Bob had a good case so it wasn’t a hard sell. They already had the great relationship and had been doing business together for many years, plus Bob had a stellar reputation and this would save him being tied up with competitors. It was just a matter of articulating this and identifying the reasons that would get the client over the line. So we conducted a series of workshops with Bob to get to the bottom of:
    • Why a client should buy from him
    • What his business’ point of difference was from competitors.
    In these business coaching workshops, we unearthed two gold nuggets that really helped Bob’s cause: his business was offering a significantly cheaper rate (5-8%) than competitors AND his concrete cut variation was never more than 3mm – an industry feat!
  2. We also established that Bob and Co. were delivering services twice as fast as the majority of the competition! Doing business with Bob and Bob alone was a no-brainer.
  3. He needed to sweeten the deal by detailing the pricing structure he would offer under the new arrangement. Some people only look at the numbers, so this is an important part of any business proposition.
  4. We set up a meeting with Bob and the client’s CEO (led by Meritous) to present the official proposal. Everything was clearly stated in a report that Bob could use for future marketing endeavours too. We’d thought everything through so there were no unanswered questions or unconsidered scenarios.

What was the result?

Goal achieved! On the back of the meeting, the CEO awarded them the additional work. How could he say no? As a result, turnover and profits increased significantly. Bob was a very happy man!

These services were offered as part of Meritous’ Business Coaching offering. Contact our Business Coach, Kevin Garty at [email protected] to find out more.

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