One small business, one big transformation. What did it?

Meet the client

Not so long ago, our business coach, Kevin Garty, had the pleasure of working with a local catering company. Let’s call them ‘The Barbecube’. Their specialty is BBQ cuisine – the sort of food that’s all the rage right now. Pulled pork, Hungarian sausages and that kind of thing.

As usual, the best thing about the business is its people. The owners are married couple Trish and Leon. They employ a couple of casuals to help them out at events and generally like to keep things simple. But they do want to grow. What business doesn’t?

Most of The Barbecube’s current customers came their way via website enquiries. Leon and Trish have a devoted clientele who are such big fans, they regularly re-order. Always a sign that your business is doing something right.

What was the issue?

In the 12 months before Kevin met them, Trish and Leon had been struggling to grow their business beyond a certain point and they couldn’t figure out why. Their clients were happy; the product was great… what were they doing wrong? They sought Kevin’s advice to get to the bottom of it.

What he found

Kevin looked at their books, inspected their digital presence and went over everything with a fine-tooth comb. Of interest to him was the fact that website enquiries were so crucial to The Barbecube and also the reality that repeats business was a big revenue generator. They had so few ‘one-off’ customers.

It wasn’t long before Kevin identified a few holes. With the web enquiries, there were no back-end systems to support the submission of proposals and there wasn’t a process for follow-up enquiries.

He knew it would be helpful to automate and template these processes. It would save a huge amount of time and man-power creating customised proposals for every single enquiry.

Not only did this take up Trish and Leon’s time, it also kept potential customers waiting.

Then there was the fact that if the proposals were unsuccessful, there was no follow-up process.

What he recommended

It was clear to our business coach that implementing a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system was essential. Based on past experience with similar clients, he knew it would work wonders for The Barbecube and thankfully, they were open to it.

They needed a CRM system that would:

  • Generate proposals and costings with ease
  • Follow up with potential customers who’d knocked back proposals
  • Gather feedback so that improvements could be made and customer satisfaction increased
  • Provide a way of reaching out to existing customers for additional repeat business.

What happened next

Considering that a CRM was something totally new and scary to this very ‘grassroots’ client, we take our hat off to them for trusting Kevin. They embraced the change with gusto!

Fortunately, it paid off just like he knew it would.

Since implementation, The Barbecube’s turnover has increased by a whopping 23%. Tremendous win! Now if that isn’t a reason to break out the bubbly, we don’t know what is.

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