“You take care of us, and we specialise in taking care of your financial interests.”

When you’re saving lives, financial housekeeping is the thing on your mind. Medical is one of the most high-pressure industries there is – and it also comes with complex obligations including the necessity for asset protection.

Mountains of admin, government rebates and tricky tax situations, mean doctors and other medical professionals need an accountant who understands their industry back to front.

Meritous founder Stephen Brake has long-standing relationships with the client in general practice, pediatry, psychiatry, occupational health and dentistry:

“Medical professionals rely on me to remove the stress of bookkeeping, accounting compliance so they can focus on their patients.”

Our Services for medical and healthcare professionals include:


Tax returns

Payroll processing facilities

Asset protection stragtegies

Estate planning facilitation

Financial advice on practice expansion

Structure advice

Monitoring of Budgeting and cash flow

Benchmark reports to ensure fee schedule is at industry standard.

Quarterly meeting packages to monitor goals

Monthly retainer packages for ease of cash flow

Help with HICAPS setup and credit card facilities

Access to our list trusted advisers, including finance professionals, insurance brokers, solicitors and more.