Ideas are worthless, Execution is everything!

We all have them, some more than others but what makes your ideas different to those who succeed with theirs. The answer is execution and execution is everything! Have you ever sat back and thought you know if somebody just did that, or created that life would be so much easier? Next time you think of an idea that could change your life or someone else’s life follow these key tips to make sure you follow through with it.

Document The Ideas.

Instead of dreaming up ideas and letting them disappear into the nether document your ideas. Start a notebook or a document on your computer where you can store all your ideas. Make sure to record as much information about your idea as possible so that you can revisit the idea later. If you know how you want to produce the idea or make the item document that too. You can never have too much information.

Create An Action Plan.

Once you have documented the idea it is time to create a solid action plan. Think about what, how, who, and when for your idea. Document who needs to be involved and when and don’t forget some of the important connections you might need including a good accountant and legal representative for things like patents. Once again, the key here is to make sure you have an in-depth action plan that is your roadmap to success.

Be Patient, Rome Wasn’t Built in A Day.

You could have the best idea in the world and could be helping people right now but… Every great idea takes time to implement and action. Keep in mind that with every great idea there are things that will take time that will be completely out of your control. You just need to keep focused and stick to your action plan.

Always Have the End in Mind Including How to Monetise the Idea.

It is important not lose focus on your end goal including how to monetise the idea in order to be successful. Make sure you engage a professional accountant and advisor like Meritous Accounting and Advisory. You need to make sure that you have all your costings and sales volumes ironed out from as early in the process as possible. Make sure you create a solid budget and marketing plan as part of your monetisation process.

If You Wait for Something to Be Perfect You May Wait Forever.

Remember to keep moving forward and don’t wait for something to be perfect. Every person who has gone down this road before you have had setbacks and things that weren’t perfect. What will make you different to those who have gone before you are that you will have all the resources in place to push forward with your idea and continue to full execution.


We really help that this article has helped you to find your way through the minefield of bringing an idea to life and ultimately executing your idea. We know it can be a hard road to go down, but we have found in our experience having the right plans in place and the right support around you can make a massive difference. If you have a great idea that you’re not sure where to start with why not reach out to a member of our team on our contact page and let’s see what we can do to help get you on track.

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