“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”

– Hellen Keller

Our clients already know us, love us, and trust us. Therefore, they want Meritous to stay in the loop. Even when they need other professional business services.

Meritous supports a business consulting services network of highly skilled, diverse, and experienced professionals with one simple goal: the best outcomes for our clients!

Our customers enjoy total peace of mind. Through seamless and effective collaboration within our network, they know exactly what to expect.
Meritous clients enjoy access to a wide selection of trusted business consulting services.

It is important to have an up-to-date valuation of your enterprise. Not only does it make your balance sheet more representative, but it’s also an important gauge and benchmark of how successful business operations are.

Typically, financiers also require periodical valuations of businesses as a caveat. And, further, the value of your business is an important factor when you contemplate selling it as part of an exit strategy.

There may be countless reasons why you require a business valuation. But, whatever the reason, you can rest assured that within the Meritous network you will always receive the same friendly, prompt, and expert service for your business valuation needs.

Are you thinking of buying a business? Or, maybe contemplating joining a partnership? Are you about to sign a contract but there are still unanswered questions that you want to be checked out? Then see us first, don’t commit before all the homework is done properly.

Meritous supports a professional network where nothing is left to chance. We want our clients to strive and be prosperous, and not get caught short by nasty surprises.

Through proper due diligence, before you sign on the dotted line, it is possible to mitigate substantial potential risk. Has the other party disclosed all liabilities? Do the listed assets exist? Allow us to do due diligence first. You’ll be glad you did!

Our golden years are meant to be the crowning glory of a lifetime’s toil and effort. We deserve peace of mind and restful retirement when our turn comes. And come it will.

Estate planning is extremely important because it ensures that we are looked after for the rest of our lives. And that our assets are transferred according to our wishes when we pass on.

The estate planning experts that form part of our network assist Meritous clients from the get-go. The earlier the planning process starts, the better. That way your assets can be professionally managed and transferred in the most financially efficient and tax-effective way.

Separation and divorce are some of the most traumatic experiences that anyone can have. During those periods of severe distraught and emotional challenge, worrying about the tax considerations and their implications are normally the last thing on our minds.

The friendly and caring tax planning experts in our network are on standby to assist you every step of the way, before, during, and after these challenging times. From a tax perspective, the particular timing of your actions during this period is often important.
It’s, therefore, a good idea to talk with our tax planning and structuring professionals as early as possible during the separation and divorce process. After careful consideration of your unique circumstances, we will prepare a suitable tax strategy and guide you towards the best possible outcome.

International Tax

We are living in an ever-globalizing world. Since the coming of the Internet and the World Wide Web, international trade and money flows have been skyrocketing. Today, financial and economic borders are becoming increasingly blurred.

If you or your business are participating in international financial activities or money transfers, then chances are good that there might be taxation considerations in play. Tax treaties, double taxation, and anti-avoidance laws are just some of the examples.

As a valued Meritous client we will make sure that you get to speak with the right international tax experts that form part of our business consulting network. It will save you money in the long run and ensure that you remain tax complaint.


The structure of your business is vitally important for overall success. Not only does it affect your taxes, but a legal structure that is unsuited to your particular needs may also cost you dearly in terms of personal liability and similar risks.
From a profitability point-of-view, an optimized business structure may also enhance the growth of your enterprise. While a healthy and smart internal organizational structure will further promote an effective chain of command and efficient business operations.

Meritous clients enjoy access to structuring experts in our professional network. Before you even start on the exciting journey of a new business, make sure to speak to us first. Existing business? No worries, we are happy to review your current setup too and help you on your way to the best possible outcome.

Business startups typically require seed funding to get the ball rolling. While existing enterprises are often looking for growth capital to help them expand and/or take advantage of new and emerging market opportunities.

Both commercial banks and private lenders may be approached for business loans. Typically, the banks are more stringent, and the process takes longer, but often a lower interest rate can be negotiated when compared to private lenders.

business lending
Either way, there are processes and several considerations to comply with. And often poor submissions are a major reason for failure. But for Meritous clients, we make the process as simple, effective, and successful as possible.

Lending professionals in our trusted business consulting network are ready and waiting to assist you in getting the best business funding perfectly suited to your particular needs.

Major challenges, legal pitfalls, misunderstandings, and unscrupulous behaviour often result in deals turning sour during the purchase and sale of business assets.

Examples of intricacies are equity vs. asset sales, leases, liabilities, and tax consequences. Also, the need for verification and due diligence during the process.

The purchase or sale of assets often represents some of the largest transactions that businesses ordinarily undertake. As a Meritous client, you have the peace of mind that our skilled and experienced network is right-and-ready to assist you all the way!