and Building.

“We have insider knowledge of the bricks and mortar business.”

More so than other industries, there’s an element of risk involved in construction and building that requires special consideration and attention to detail.

Meritous founder Stephen Brake has worked with carpenters, architects, small contractors and just about every type of client in the building and construction industry:

“I know the industry inside out, which means I’m well-placed to offer advice in the property development space-where a lot of clients want to go.”

Whether you’re a plumber, property developer or project manager, Meritous can advise you on range of industry-specific concerns, including:

Asset protection

Cash flow

Spreading risk across entities

QBCC compliance and other state building authority obligations

Equipment and asset leasing

Our Services for the building construction industry include:

Structure advice


Tax returns

Preparation of monthly reports

Monitoring of budget, cash flows and KPIs

Benchmarking reports with industry specifics

Quarterly meeting packages to monitor goals

GST and tax implications relating to property development.

Unlimited monthly retainer packages for ease of cash flow.