Why Do I Have No Money?

empty wallet

We have all been there at one time or another; it gets to the end of the week; your pay goes into your bank account and then it feels like it is all gone in a matter of minutes.

In this article, we want to give you a few practical tips to help you better answer the question, “why do I have no money?”

Maintaining Mental Health for Business Success

As a business owner in this modern world, we often feel like the pressures of the world are on our shoulders. Whether you are finding it difficult to get to sleep with all the thoughts running through your head, or your day is getting away from you and you feel overwhelmed, remember there are a […]

Don’t let crypto currency burn a hole in your pocket!

With everyone jumping on the crypto currency flight to the moon, it’s easy to forget about the potential tax implications and consequences that it can cause. Did you know that buying and selling crypto may cause a significant tax event in which you can lose a huge amount of any gain to tax? We published […]

When business coaching really pays off

Meet the client Our client – let’s call him Bob – is a concrete drilling and cutting contractor for the construction industry. He owns the business and has one employee. Bob and Co.’s turnover comes mostly from construction companies he has an existing relationship with. He’s a good bloke, Bob, and gets so much repeat […]

One small business, one big transformation. What did it?

Meet the client Not so long ago, our business coach, Kevin Garty, had the pleasure of working with a local catering company. Let’s call them ‘The Barbecube’. Their specialty is BBQ cuisine – the sort of food that’s all the rage right now. Pulled pork, Hungarian sausages and that kind of thing. As usual, the […]

No pain, no gain: a note on negative gearing and other tax facts for property owners

A proposal to change the tax breaks associated with negative gearing landed our PM in the bad books earlier this year, and investment property owners braced themselves for the fall-out. Everyone can breathe easy, though. Turns out it was just talking and nothing will change any time soon. Now that the dust has settled, allow me to provide […]

What’s the go with business advisors?

If you find yourself in business and genuinely want to make a go of it, you should absolutely seek professional advice. As much as some of us hate asking for help, any successful entrepreneur will tell you it’s best to swallow your pride and reach out … It’s part of the ‘play to your strengths; […]

Franchisees, grow your network with a quality POS

If you have a few franchises to your name, your next challenge is keeping tabs on them all – all at once. Your best bet is a truly excellent Point-Of-Sale (POS) system that’s capable of giving you the insight and tools you need. The right POS system will not only reveal and clarify your performance, […]