Stephen Brake

Meritous Founder

Chartered Accountant. Registered Tax Agent. Experienced in Xero, MYOB and Quickbooks

As a graduate auditor in the early 2000’s, Stephen Brake thought about the numbers he untangled every day and realized something important; the numbers always a story – but not the whole story.

Stephen went on to work with large Government entities and big-name firms, but he never forgot this singular truth about numbers being nothing without people. It wasn’t until Stephen worked in the small business divisions of big firms that he found his niche. He loved the hands-on approach and grass-roots success stories. Most of all , he loved getting to know the people behind the numbers and wanted to help grow businesses more holistically.

Gradually the concept of Meritous took shape – an accounting firm with a genuine desire to see clients succeed with a commitment to total transparency and integrity. One focused on more than just the numbers based on flat fees and no surprises.